Property Donations

AOSHS Collection Policy

Boxes arrive weekly at the Wichita office full of items that AOSHS catalogues to preserve the history they reflect.

We look forward to receiving any of the items below to add to the AOSHS Archives and collections.

Do send….

  • Artwork with location and date on it
  • Awards, class rings, diaries of school events, dissertations, school journals (not vacation)
  • Letter jackets or other discernible clothing (cheerleaders, mascots, band, etc.)
  • Magazines that feature student accomplishments; either military or host nation
  • News clippings with details of publication and date
  • Pennants
  • Photographs with identification of person(s), location and date
  • Presentations to visiting dignitaries
  • School records
  • Documented information about the mission of a School, District or Region
  • Trophies with specific details of school, event, year
  • Yearbooks
  • Videos or like of school functions and/or events

Don’t send…

  • Items that are readily available elsewhere, such as commercially published magazines or textbooks
  • Broken artifacts, unreadable documents and other materials that are too damaged to be of historical value
  • Personal diaries, videos or disks of holiday or summer vacations
  • Personnel documents that are disparaging to an individual(s) or that contain any personally identifiable information
  • Souvenirs from foreign countries unless school or educationally related

If you are in question regarding the property donation, please call the AOSHS office to verify if the item(s) you want to donate are appropriate for the archives.

  • You must include a completed and signed Property Donations form – found below – inside the box(es) of items sent to AOSHS Headquarters in Wichita. All donations are the property of AOSHS.

American Overseas Schools Historical Society
704 W. Douglas Avenue
Wichita, KS 67203
Phone 316.265.6837

Property Donation Form

Click form to download donation
form for physical items.