Mission and Goals

AOSHS Mission Statement

The American Overseas Schools Historical Society
is a non-profit organization that
collects, records, preserves, and exhibits
historical memorabilia of the American Overseas Schools.
Members promote global knowledge and understanding
of this unique endeavor, as well as providing the opportunity
to research a significant chapter in the history of American education.

8 September 2016 Board approval



The AOSHS Story

The AOSHS Story

The AOSHS Story[/caption]




  1. Collect, maintain and preserve American Overseas Schools’ memorabilia and historical documents while providing research opportunities
  2. Establish multiple exhibiting locations
  3. Market the AOSHS brand
  4. Grow paying membership thru increased communication and accountability
  5. Pursue partnerships with local communities, general membership and similar organizations that focus on strengthening the awareness and knowledge of AOSHS
  6. Increase fundraising and grants for maintenance and growth of the Society

8 September 2016 11:25 am approved