Welcome to the AOSHS Memory Book.

During and following the Cold War, Department of Defense school teachers, administrators, students and their families have lived around the world on the “cutting edge” of history in the making—post World War II Europe, Japan and North Africa, the Berlin Wall going up and coming down, the DMZ in Korea, the Six-day War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Persian Gulf War, the Liberation of Panama, the bombing of American embassies in Africa, and now the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, to mention only a few.

The memories of the participants in this unique situation are truly priceless. The ones included here are very diverse. Memories from those that helped develop the school system to those of a teenage girl involved in living a “typical” life as a teenager.

Our collected memories have been organized in a set of Volumes based on the time period the memory covers.

In addition, we have organized the memories by the Countries.