Berlin Wall in Wichita

Donated to AOSHS by the Berlin Brats, Berlin American High School’s alumni group, the 12 ft. high, 4 ½ ton section of the wall made its way from Maryland to Wichita on a flatbed truck in July arriving on August 1, 2005.  It is on loan to the Museum of World Treasures in Wichita.  On August 12, the Berlin Wall Exhibit was unveiled.  Next to the Wall section on the exhibit is a life-size East German border guard in uniform, holding his Russian-made rifle.

An important factor in the authentication process of this section was the graffiti only existing on one side of it – the West facing side.  Anyone on even approaching the Eastern side would have been shot.  As you look through the “hole” in the wall, you can see a kite.  The string starts in the lower left corner and leads up to a red kite, partially obliterated by some of the paint, and then a tail hangs down from the kite with some crosshatching on it.  It is believed that the Berliners would send messages over the wall using kites.

Many DoDDS teachers visited West Berlin and some even walked through Checkpoint Charlie; traveling from Technicolor to black and white!  We are fortunate to have received this donation that represents such significant events in our history. 

To learn more about how the Wall came to the United States and, in turn, to the Berlin Brats and AOSHS, go to the Brats website and click on “The Wall”.