Education Jobs at American Overseas Schools

QUESTION: I am interested in teaching or working at an American School Overseas. Where can I obtain information about employment opportunities at American Overseas Schools?


There are several resources you can consult regarding employment with American Overseas Schools.

The US Department of State maintains comprehensive information on their site http://state.gove/m/a/os/c1684.htm.  At this website you can find contact and background information on worldwide American-sponsored elementary and secondary schools overseas, current fact sheets on the 180 American international schools and other helpful job hunting links.

  • Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Schools in Europe and the Pacific, contact –

Department of Defense Education Activity (D0DEA)                                                                   
Educator Recruitment Office                                                                                                                  
4800 Mark Center Drive
Alexandria, VA 22350.

All of the resources you need will be under Employee Resources on the DoDEA website

For employment opportunities in non-Department of Defense Schools, contact –

                  International Educator’s Institute (TIE)
                  P. O. Box 613
                  Cummaquid, MA 02637
                  Telephone 508.362.1414, FAX 508.362.1411
                  Email Website

Or –

                  International Schools Services (ISS)
                  15 Rosael Road
                  P. O. Box 5910
                  Princeton, NJ 08540
                  Telephone 609.452.0990 FAX 609.452.2690
                  Email Website

The European Council of International Schools (ECIS) also maintains a job back listing for administrators and teachers