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Finding Friends, Classmates, and Teachers

QUESTION: Does the AOSA/AOSHS maintain a database of current addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of former students, teachers and administrators who attended or taught at American Overseas Schools?

ANSWER:  At this time there is no common database for the many overseas school alumni groups and educators.  To view the information we have been able to collect, please visit the tabs of the AOSHS website.  We have provided links to many other sites you can use to search for friends classmates and teachers under the Historical Collections and Affiliations tabs.

We suggest that you contact the alumni association of your schools or utilize Facebook and/or a search engine.  If you are a military brat, either domestic or overseas, we encourage you to visit the Military-Brats Registry.

Obtaining American Overseas School Transcripts

QUESTION: I attended an American Overseas School and would like to obtain a transcript of my grades but have no idea where to get one. Can you point me in the right direction?

ANSWER: If you attended a non-Department of Defense Overseas American School, contact that school directly for transcript information.  You can find the mailing addresses, phone and FAX numbers for many of these schools in the Links.html of this website.

Contact information for many of the American and International Schools that are not yet in our directory may be found at the European Council of International Schools website (www.ecis.org).

If you attended a US Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) or Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) school, student records ad transcripts may be requested from several different sources, depending on the student’s last date of attendance or graduation.

For complete information visit the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) website and check the “Transcripts” section under Student Resources www.dodea.edu.


Obtaining Copies of American Overseas School Yearbooks/Annuals

QUESTION: I no longer have my school yearbook/annual how can I obtain a copy of it?

ANSWER: American Overseas Schools Historical Society (AOSHS) has some yearbooks in the archives as part of various memorabilia collections or extras from closing schools.  If extras are available, they will be sold at a nominal cost plus shipping on request.  AOSHS will maintain at least 2 copies for the archives and may send out one for loan to an alumni group of the school.  There are signature and shipping requirement for this to occur; contact the office.

Our recommendation is that you contact your school’s alumni association and see if someone has or can obtain a copy of the yearbook(s).  Facebook, AOSHS office or Overseas Brats Organization can assist you, if needed.

Obtaining Replacement School Class Rings

QUESTION: I’ve lost my class ring. Is there any way I can obtain a replacement?

ANSWER: 1) If your school is still open with graduating seniors, contact the Senior Class Sponsor/Advisor about possibly ordering a ring.  The style would be currently available.  Note that they are under no obligation to reply or comply with your request but it cannot hurt to ask.  2) Non-Department of Defense Overseas American Schools and Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) or DoDDS schools can be researched at http://www.dodea.edu  3) Overseas Brat organization may be able to assist http://www.overseasbrat.com

Obtaining Replacement School Letter Jackets

QUESTION: Is there anyway I can obtain a letter jacket from school?

ANSWER: Best stated “maybe”.  Several alumni groups have looked into having custom jackets made to reflect the jacket style of their period in the past.  These groups indicate that these jackets would cost over $500.

In general, contact your school directly if they are still operational.  The letter should be addressed to the Principal or current School Athletic Director and request the name and address of the  current person selling jackets to your school.  Other organizations that you might contact are the European Council of International Schools (www.ecis.org), or the Overseas Brat Organization may be able to assist you http://www.overseasbrat.com.  If you attended a Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) or Department of Defense Dependents School (DoDDS), you can get mailing addresses, telephone and FAX numbers, email contacts and websites from the DoDEA site (www.dodea.edu). 

Education Jobs at American Overseas Schools

QUESTION: I am interested in teaching or working at an American School Overseas. Where can I obtain information about employment opportunities at American Overseas Schools?


There are several resources you can consult regarding employment with American Overseas Schools.

The US Department of State maintains comprehensive information on their site http://state.gove/m/a/os/c1684.htm.  At this website you can find contact and background information on worldwide American-sponsored elementary and secondary schools overseas, current fact sheets on the 180 American international schools and other helpful job hunting links.

  • Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Schools in Europe and the Pacific, contact –

Department of Defense Education Activity (D0DEA)                                                                   
Educator Recruitment Office                                                                                                                  
4800 Mark Center Drive
Alexandria, VA 22350.

All of the resources you need will be under Employee Resources on the DoDEA website www.dodea.edu

For employment opportunities in non-Department of Defense Schools, contact –

                  International Educator’s Institute (TIE)
                  P. O. Box 613
                  Cummaquid, MA 02637
                  Telephone 508.362.1414, FAX 508.362.1411
                  Email tie@copecod.net Website http://www.tieonline.com

Or –

                  International Schools Services (ISS)
                  15 Rosael Road
                  P. O. Box 5910
                  Princeton, NJ 08540
                  Telephone 609.452.0990 FAX 609.452.2690
                  Email iss@iss.edu Website http://www.idd.edu

The European Council of International Schools (ECIS) also maintains a job back listing for administrators and teachers www.ecis.org.

Birth Certificates For U.S. Citizens Born Abroad

QUESTION: I was born overseas. Do you know how I can obtain a copy of my birth certificate

ANSWER: Contact United States Department of State at the following website http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/abroad/events-and-records/birth.html

DoDDS/DoDEA Employment Records

Question: I am a former DoDDS/DoDEA Employee where can I obtain copies of my employment records?

Answer: Former DoDDS/DoDEA employees may request copies of their records from the National Personnel Records Center – http://www.archives.gov/st-louis/civilian-personnel

National Personnel Records Center, Annex
1411 Boulder Boulevard
Valmeyer, IL 62295
Fax 618.935.3014

Records for current DoDEA employees are maintained electronically –

3990 E. Broad Street, Building 306
Columbus, OH 43213
Telephone 614.692.4674
Fax 614.693.6177
Email DHRC-DDoDEAHR@dla.mil

When writing for specific documents or information to verify employment the request must include: 1) Your full name used during the period of employment 2) Your social security number 3) Date of birth 4) Agency (DoDDS) dates and place of last employment 5) Date of separation from Federal employment 6) Employee’s signature

Students at George Cannon School (Midway Island) in 1975 pose with another island resident, the famous gooney bird. Deep in thought at Tachikawa Elementary School (Tachikawa, Japan).

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