For more than four million Americans who were educated overseas since 1946, pieces of history could be gone forever – yearbooks, trophies, letter jackets, class pictures, time capsules, school flags and mascots.  As schools overseas close down, those artifacts and memorabilia go away, too.

AOSHS needs help to keep the memories alive.  Before 9/11, the U. S. Government was providing funding to create an AOSHS museum that would give BRATS and teachers of BRATS a destination to go to and visit their past.  Then 9/11 happened, and like many other organizations, AOSHS saw it’s funding go away.

AOSHS is still dedicated in pursuing a proper location for all of the artifacts.  Soon we will utilize the adjacent space to add to our storage area while displaying some artifacts.  Ultimately AOSHS needs to increase the overall size of the current location with the ever-increasing school donations.

Importantly, we need to hire an archivist to preserve this unique collection while making it available to everyone by digitizing the artifacts and create an online museum.


This all takes money that AOSHS does not have.  AOSHS operates on a shoestring budget with limited memberships and donations.  We need help to fund present and future museum endeavors and hiring the archivist to digitize the collection.

The AOSHS Story

The AOSHS Story

We welcome any donation towards reaching this goal.  Your contribution is tax deductible since AOSHS is a non-profit organization.